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Ao Nuan Beach

The quiet and secluded resort of Ao Nuan is located in a 10 minute walk through the jungle from Tubtim. There is a lot of tropical vegetation and trees on the coast, in the shade of which tourists hide from the scorching sun. The water is clean and clear, there are no stones; lowering of the bottom is smooth. Even during the peak of high season, there is a lot of free space on the beach.

Under the crowns of exotic trees, wooden bungalows and a restaurant are installed, there is no other infrastructure. The resort is suitable for relaxing for a couple of days. It is cozy and calm, the conditions are suitable for swimming and sunbathing.
You can the coast of Ao Nuan from the north and south of the island by taxi, songteo minibus, rented motorbike or on foot along narrow paths.